Individual contributor
Deliver to the highest standard
  • React, Typescript, CSS, ESNext
  • NodeJS, Express, NextJS
  • MySQL, NoSQL, Rest, GraphQL
  • Design, UI/UX, accessibility


Infra and automation
Streamline the release process
  • Serverless, AWS, Azure
  • CI/CD, GitOps, ADO
  • TDD/BDD, Cypress, Jest
  • Microservices, MFEs, SSR/SSG


Throughput and efficiency
Improve ways of working together
  • Scrum, Kanban
  • Scrum master as required
  • Driving breakdown of features
  • Story refinement and estimation


Culture and engagement
Enhance team dynamics and morale
  • Cross functional team leadership
  • Mentoring, pairing, code reviews
  • Skill sharing workshops
  • Direct line management


Delivering consumer and enterprise apps to millions of users
  • ID verification system for UK market
  • Complex shared React components
  • CI/CD, TDD/BDD and DevOps
  • Cross functional team lead
  • Management and career development

Thomson Reuters

Delivering enterprise applications for worldwide pharmaceutical data
  • Data visualisation and charting tools
  • Sharable components and white labelling
  • Distributed team lead
  • Performance / usability
  • Ownership of technical implementations


Delivering SPAs, and SSR / SSG microsites using GraphQL
  • Inventory management system
  • CI/CD, TDD/BDD & DevOps
  • Complex sharable React components
  • Leadership of technical implementation
  • Management and career development

Acquia Cohesion

Senior Software Engineer
Now Site Studio, a powerful low-code site builder for Drupal
  • Powerful tools for building complex UIs
  • Performance, stability and usability enhancements
  • CI/CD, BDD test automation
  • Hosting skill sharing workshops
  • Uplift from Angular to React
All components seen here are from my own library.
Visit the sandbox for more in depth demos of:
  • Components and data visualisations
  • Theming, light/dark and large text modes
  • Devops setup with CI/CD, MFEs and more...
At any point you can view code, modules and Storybook from the footer.
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